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The definition of a classic yacht is not clearly defined, although those in the industry would agree that a classic yacht is a vessel built between the 1920’s through to the 1970’s, typically built from wood or steel. Classic yacht enthusiasts believe the graceful lines, fine craftsmanship and character of a classic yacht embodies a sense of nostalgia and seamanship unsurpassed by other styles of luxury yachts. A classic yacht is often favored by the traditionalist amongst yacht charterer, with something timeless and elegant about a classic yacht charter that just does not transpire to a modern yacht. Although many may assume that to charter a classic yacht you must abide the unsightly old fashioned interior this isn’t the case. Most classic yachts have been refitted to boast stunning interior styling akin to that of a modern build or luxury hotel. In some instances a classic yacht may not feature as many extras as a modern yacht, but a classic yacht is guaranteed to seduce guests with unparalleled opulence.
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